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When I was just starting high school, a girl who rode my bus invited me to stay the night at her house and when I did she got really emotional and told me no girls ever stayed over because she was a lesbian and if you don’t think that’s the saddest thing ever you need to re-evaluate your life


There’s some saying that no matter what, when you put two people in a room together, people will want them to fall in love. Tumblr is proof that they don’t even need to be in the same room. So no matter what you do, if you’re writing two people as friends and not romantic…



Things that lower abortion rates:

  • Better access to condoms
  • Accessible birth control 
  • Accessible Plan - B pills
  • Comprehensive sex education

Things that do not lower abortion rates:

  • Abstinence-Only sex education
  • Banning contraceptives
  • Shaming people who have sex or get abortions
  • Making abortion illegal

Friendly daily reminder that the entire pro-life movement is basically pointless and counterproductive


Mercutio is my favorite b/c 1) he’s the easiest to have queer headcanons for and 2) instead of calling for help he made a pun and then died


The fact that most guys’ first response to a woman wanting equality is “SO CAN I HIT U NOW” is sort of terrifying
Like that’s the first thing you’re concerned about? I just want equal pay and you want to punch me in the face? Cool cool


less “you’re not fat; you’re pretty” more “you’re fat and pretty” it’s possible to be both bye